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HPE CloudSystem


HPE CloudSystem


Your Fastest Way to the Cloud

Now your customers can access secure cloud services quickly and easily through a fully integrated, private cloud. HPE ConvergedSystem for Cloud is an affordable, converged, full-stack solution that includes complete Compute, server, storage, networking and software. And, it’s based on an open architecture, to ensure maximum flexibility.


It comes loaded with HPE Helion CloudSystem, which lets you automate, orchestrate and control multiple cloud deployments.

Deploy Fast

Storage, architecture, software and management are all fully customized for your data center and workload needs. So you can be fully operational in weeks—not months.

Innovate Faster

Your business partners can react faster to changing business conditions. They can order IT services through a self-service catalog that delivers new services in minutes.

Protect Your Investments

The system is flexible and open, supporting hybrid cloud environments. You can leverage your existing data center assets (including all that training and process management) and significantly lower the cost of entry.


Less Server Configuration Time(1)


Fewer Management Tools(2)


Increase in IT Staff Savings(3)

HPE Helion CloudSystem Is Pushing Business Forward

Danish IT Service Provider NNIT Moves to the Cloud

NNIT delivers a new generation of services to its customers on an integrated, open platform and with unified management across private, public and hybrid clouds.

“We have a strong provisioning suite, a strong automation suite—and this is what cloud is all about. And with Hewlett Packard Enterprise it was just one company, one phone number.” — Jens Maagøe, Senior Architect, NNIT

Choose from the Most Complete Family of Cloud-enabled Converged Systems

Start with infrastructure that’s optimized for your workloads and manage it with industry leading cloud management tools.

HPE ConvergedSystem 700x for Cloud

HPE ConvergedSystem 700x for Cloud

Get a tightly integrated, workload-optimized converged system that is easy to buy, manage, and support. The system ships with factory-integrated server, storage, networking, and management components—all preconfigured to handle your most demanding workloads.

HPE ConvergedSystem 250-HC StoreVirtual System

HPE ConvergedSystem 250-HC StoreVirtual System

The HPE ConvergedSystem 250-HC StoreVirtual system arrives pre-configured with servers, storage, networking and VMware vSphere, to enable complete deployment of a virtualized environment—faster than ever.

HPE Helion Rack

HPE Helion Rack

It’s the OpenStack-based private cloud solution designed to maximize your flexibility and agility. It’s pre-configured, pre-tuned and pre-tested so it’s fast and easy to install. Eliminate the months of design, configuration and testing usually needed to build your own private cloud solution for cloud-native applications.

HPE CloudSystem

The Leading Private Cloud Platform for a Hybrid World

Get a fully integrated, end-to-end, private cloud solution built for traditional and cloud-native workloads. Deliver automation, orchestration and control across multiple clouds.

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